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Re: Buildung a compressor

Post by duke46 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:32 am

pavetim wrote:Well so far i put a water seperator in the 3/4 line going to the tank and a seperator amd home made dessicant filter in my 1/2 line to my hose. Get water in the pre filter and not much in the 1/2 one. I have one last filter after the dessicant filter right where my hose exits amd nothing there. Still gonma do my radiator pre cooler though just have to get an adjustable base cause belts keep loosening, need to fix that first.
I guess you are talking about the belt on your new gas powered one? They make a Kevlar belt that does not seem to stretch very much if at all.

I had that trouble with my main compressor because the belts were so long. I found a belt tensor that came off a car and mounted it on the compressor frame between the motor and the compressor. Works like a charm and if I ever need to replace the belt I do it just like you would on a car and not have to unbolt anything :D Not all of them will work but some will work and just have to drill a couple of holes and bolt it on.

Now on your water issue. Things might look good now but what is going to happen if you are blasting for hours on end? The pre-cooler may help you a bunch and hope it does.

You are saying filters? All mine would be classified as water traps more than a filter. There is a small filter in them but they would be classified as particle ones and you can see the moisture in all but one of them.

I also have an auto drain on the bottom of my tank. I think it comes on like every 5min for like 30sec and it helps a lot. You can sometimes find them for less but if you go cheap they may fail on you> ... Pid=search" onclick=";return false;

I also use these at diff locations and just barley crack them open. ... ptout=true" onclick=";return false;
I have one between the compressor line and check valve on my tank but I also have a 2" pipe inline between my compressor and the check valve and that is where the drain cock is located. It only drains water when compressor is running and not after it stops. A lot of guys will have drain cocks in their main line and crack them open when they are using a lot of air and then cut them off. Time and use will tell you what you will have to do.
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